Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear Mom,
I am doing absolutley fantastic! Thank your for your inspired email. I really just want to take the time to thank you for the amazing parents both you and Dad have been for me. The spirit of revelation has truly directed my life and has confirmed everything you have shown me by example is true and I am grateful for your decision to be baptized especially. I am grateful for you to have listened to the spirit's promting to go to BYU Hawaii and move to Utah. I look out here in Hong Kong where the "soil of faith" is hard. Where Satan has a strong hold on the people. I do not know what I would have done if I grew up in an area like this. I feel strongly impressed that I truly have "stewardship" over these sheep as said in Preech my Gospel. I am grateful for teaching me hard work. I have learned much regarding patience, humility, and love for everyone around me. I know many things which I learned at home has sustained me here in the field. Knowing that this mission is the one you were baptized in, it makes this place THAT much more special. Hopefully I can find one person who can be just like you, enter the waters of baptism and completely change their life around through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Raise a strong, large, happy family, and be happy becuase they have the restored Gospel in their lives. Your story, our story is a living testimony that Jesus is the Christ, Heavenly Father loves and protects us with the promptings of the holy ghost. This is my testimony to all of Hong Kong. I have five investigators with baptizimal dates right now, it was a miracle that 7 of my investigators came to church the following day. I have been telling my investigators about our family and how they need to meet you all. They have a strong desire to know how truly the Gospel has changed your life. Perhaps if they do get an opportunity it will be at Church this Sunday. I have one in particular named Roddy. He is a law teacher at the University of Hong Kong who is a really good person. I wish he could enter into Christ's fold. I am grateful for your email, I feel your prayers continually. I went to the temple today, and there recieved peace and inspiration. I know this last half of the move is going to be life-changing for many people, including myslef.
Hope you have a safe trip, PS, I haven't told President Hawks that you are coming in town.
I am dropping off some gifts for the family, I think Tim will be picking it up at the mission home tomorrow at 10ish. Inside are family ties and scarfs. I think it would be really neat if we all wore the ties I got when I have my homecoming. There should be enough for each male member in our extended family.
Elder Liu

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