Saturday, March 3, 2012

First day at the MTC on February 29 leap day of 2012, we had a great time sending Matthew off, yeah, more quiet at home now!!!

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  1. Elder Matthew Liu is enjoying MTC. Here are some words he said in his first email to the family. "My first weekMy first week at the MTC has been great. It has been no surprise on what was expected. I have a unique companionship here at the MTC. My district consits of 2 other elders and a Sister. Elder Chang and Elder Johnson; with that there is a solo Sister in our group, Sister Mildrum. Learning the language here has been quite amazing. The District that is going to Hong Kong before us (District A) who leave on April 2 have 6 people in it. They used to have 6 elders and 3 sisters, 2 elders were transfered to another district Mandarin speaking and one other Elder had to go home due to health complications. Therefore, it would be very convienient if I could leave in April with them. It would make it so there are 4 elders in District A and my current district would have 3 but at least the Elders Chang and Johnson would be a companionship instead of it now being a Trio. Our Zone has by far the fewest people in each district. In our zone alone we have about 30 missionaries, including the ones who leave today. I have gained a strong testimony of the role of the spirit in teaching and guiding. We have had an investigator, Pauline, from Hong Kong who came over to learn english as a second language. She is doing well. At first our our companionship struggled to teach her what we truly knew. My dear family, I want to tell you that I have a strong testimony of Faith, faith that the Lord Jesus Christ will grant unto us if we are obedient and dilligent in our study. I have a testimony of Fasthing, the remarkable miracle that our prayers, and our fasting for Pauline has just like someone handing you an answer key to a upcoming test. We prayed that she could feel the spirit, we prayed that she could have a desire to learn the gospel, we prayed that she could come closer as our relationship with her. Our Sunday fast for her was without vain. Brother Alex Boye gave an amazing fireside which answered our prayers. I was privllaged to be able to give the opening devotional to about 2500 missionaries- what an honor! Our answers to help Pauline also was made known unto us when we had a devotional right after our fireside. Elder Bednar taught us "How we know it is the Spirit and not just us." The following day, (monday) which was yesterday, we taught Pauline for over an hour. The spirit was present, although Pauline may have not recognized it as such. I ha ve a testimony of Jesus the Christ, I know he lives, I know he watches over his missionaries. I have a testimony of prayer, I am gifted to be given personal revelation when I pray. I am grateful for my ability to understand people, help them, and become their friends. I am grateful for temples, especially being able to just come ba ck from an endowment session. I sustain and am grateful for the wisdom and spirit of my branch Presidency, President Miller, his wife and his counselors and wives. I know for a surety that this things are without a doubt true, the success I have been able to participate in was from the blessings of our Heavenly Father.